WWPA Annual Meeting

  • 2017 WWPA Annual Meeting Recognition Awards

    March 5-7, Embassy Suites, Portland Oregon

    2017 Master Lumberman Awards

    Back Row - Left to Right: Mike McGuigan, Mike Marino, Kevin Binam, Dwight Renz, Gary Gotham
    Front Row - Left to Right: Steve Spletstoser, Brian Coyle, Kevin Huffman

    2016 Chairman's Award for Safety

    Presented by WWPA First Vice Chairman, Fritz Mason (Georgia-Pacific)

    From left to right: Rick Northrup (Idaho Forest Group, Grangeville, ID), Rick Gammon (Georgia-Pacific, Philomath, OR),
    Matt McCann (Boise Cascade, LaGrande, OR)

Each year at its Annual Meeting, Western Wood Products Association presents the Master Lumberman Award to individuals working in the Western industry, recognizing their lumber grading expertise and in-depth industry knowledge. Through their many years of experience and commitment to the highest ideals of the Western lumber industry, the following are awarded the title of Master Lumberman.

Kevin Binam
Western Wood Products Association
Brian Coyle
Sierra Pacific Industries

Gary R. Gotham
Western Wood Products Association

Kevin Huffman
Western Wood Products Association

Michael J. Marino
Interfor U.S. Inc.

Michael James McGuigan
Western Wood Products Association

Dwight E. Renz
Bennett Lumber Products, Inc.

Steven D. Spletstoser
Idaho Forest Group, LLC.

The WWPA Safety Awards have been earned by the companies and employees who are committed to safe practices as part of their everyday work. The Safety Awards are based on statistics reported in the quarterly Injury and Illness Incidence Report. The Chairman’s Awards presented on March 6 are for the best records for 2012 through 2016.

Idaho Forest Group,   Grangeville, Idaho

Georgia-Pacific Wood Products NW, LLC in Philomath, Oregon

Boise Cascade Company in LaGrande, Oregon