Appearance Lumber

The lumber grades in this category are intended for applications where strength is not the primary consideration. Grading is by visual inspection and is a judgment of appearance and suitability to end use rather than of strength. Natural characteristics and manufacturing imperfections are taken into account in the assigning of grades. Lumber in this category is often generically referred to as Board lumber, although the category also includes run-to-pattern products and Patio Decking. The highest grades of Appearance lumber are seldom gradestamped, unless on the back or ends, as the grade stamp would deface the product. The general purpose (knotty) grades, such as COMMONS and ALTERNATE BOARDS, are generally stamped. 

Many of the Western lumber species are grown, harvested, manufactured and shipped together in ‘‘Marketing Categories.’’ In addition to the species combinations that share like structural characteristics, Board lumber is often available in combinations related to like appearance characteristics. Refer to the Vol. 2 Selects-Finish/Commons-Boards publication and the WWPA Western Lumber Grading Rules for additional information. 

The grades and recommended end uses for Appearance lumber are explained in the table below.  Standard sizes are can be found in the Western Lumber Grading Rulesand Western Lumber Product Use Manual.


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