WWPA Overview

Western Wood Products Association represents lumber manufacturers in the 12 Western states and Alaska. The largest lumber association in the region, WWPA provides service covering over 8 billion board feet of annual Western lumber production.

WWPA provides services to Western mills in three areas: Quality Assurance, Technical Services and Market Services. Member mills have access and can guide Association activities in all three service areas. WWPA also provides nonmember quality assurance services, including grade inspection, heat-treating, remanufactured wood, and glued products.

WWPA mills produce more than 60% of the lumber manufactured in the West each year. The Member roster features the top independent lumber companies in North America, with mills that lead the industry in manufacturing technology, operating efficiencies and sales strategies.

WWPA's headquarters are located in Lake Oswego, OR. The Association's field staff are recognized throughout the sawmilling industry, with each averaging more than two decades of lumber quality control experience. WWPA technical and product support professionals are the acknowledged experts in the use of Western lumber in construction. The statistical and product information created by the Association's staff are sought by thousands of people each year.