Associate Membership

As a WWPA Associate, your company will belong to the same organization as the top lumber companies in the West. Plus, you will have access to a variety of services and opportunities delivered by the region's largest lumber organization.

WWPA offers three types of Associate memberships with the following membership benefits:

Distributor Associate

Membership is open to companies involved in the wholesale and retail distribution of lumber products.

Manufacturer Associate

Membership is open to companies engaged in businesses that add value to Western lumber products and do not process logs or use a third-party lumber inspection agency.

Service Associate

Membership is open to companies that provide equipment, supplies or services to manufacturers of Western lumber products.

Associate Member Benefits

WWPA Associate Members receive the following benefits:

  • Use of the WWPA Distributor Associate logo.
  • Company listing on the WWPA website, which draws more than 250,000 visitors annually.
  • Annual subscription to Lumber Track, a monthly recap of lumber industry statistics (retail value: $80).
  • Annual subscription to Barometer, a weekly report on Western lumber industry performance (retail value: $395).
  • Reduced fees to the Association's annual meeting.
  • Rights to sponsor events at annual meeting sessions.

Additional Benefits for Distributor & Manufacturer Associates

Given the important role distributors and manufacturers serve in the lumber business, WWPA Distributor and Manufacturer Associates will get additional benefits:

  • Representation on the WWPA Technical and Quality Services committees.

For a membership kit or for more information about WWPA Associate Memberships,
please contact Dyanne Martin at (503)306-3480 or