Finger-Jointed Lumber

Structural-glued Dimension Lumber

Structural-glued dimension lumber has gained wide acceptance in the building and construction industry. It is accepted for use under all model building codes and is interchangeable with solid-sawn dimension lumber of the same size, grade and species, and is grademarked accordingly. 
The material makes efficient use of available wood resources and can be manufactured in long lengths. Because it is typically fabricated from dry material, it is exceptionally dimensionally stable. This is a benefit in performance and makes it easy to hold in inventory. 
 Structural-glued products are commonly manufactured from lumber that has been seasoned to below 19% moisture content and are grade stamped "S-DRY" or "KD". Some finger-jointed products are manufactured from unseasoned lumber and may be gradestamped "S-GRN". 
These products may be glued together in three ways: end-jointed (where "fingers" are cut into the ends of the pieces before they are joined, hence the nickname "finger-jointed" lumber), edge glued or face glued. Structural-glued products are available in a variety of species, grades and sizes for both general and specifically-intended end uses. 

Structural-glued Lumber ProductsFJ

Currently, WWPA certifies the manufacture of structural-glued Dimension lumber in various species and grades under the following classifications: Light Framing and Studs, Structural Light Framing, Decking, Stress-rated Boards, and Structural Joists and Planks.
Structural finger-jointed lumber is manufactured to meet the requirements of two different types of end-use applications. The first category is basically an all-purpose product, indicated by CERT EXT JNTS HRA on the grade stamp. HRA designates the use of heat-resistant adhesives in structural-glued products, which comply with building code requirements for fire-resistance-rated assemblies.  The second category is appropriate for use where the primary loading will be in compression parallel-to-grain, indicated by VERTICAL USE ONLY NON-HRA on the grade stamp.  NON-HRA designates the use of adhesives, which conform to building code requirements where fire-resistance-rated assemblies are not required.  See Structural-Glued Lumber (TG-9) for additional information.



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