Prop 65 Notification Service

California requires wood products producers and others within the state’s distribution chain to inform their downstream customers about the potential hazards of wood dust and chemicals associated with wood products. Manufacturers have the option to put warning labels on all their products but the majority has chosen to send warning letters, accompanied by sample signage, to customers.

The California Attorney General’s Office advises companies choosing this notification method should confirm customer receipt of the warning materials and the customer’s potential duty under Prop 65 to warn the average California consumer before purchase. Each company should maintain a record of this customer confirmation and complete the notification and confirmation process on an annual basis.

For many manufacturers and distributors, this could mean sending hundreds of letters and e-mails every year, followed by hours of phone calls to solicit customer confirmations and more work in recording and tracking these confirmations.

WWPA can step in and take care of this annual project with its centralized Proposition 65 Notification Service for wood products producers and others. By using this service, your company can take advantage of a streamlined confirmation process for your customers and reduce the duplicate mailings to distributors and retailers.

Subscribers to this service will provide their customer list in a pre-defined Excel format and WWPA will contact the customers, endeavor to confirm receipt of the warning information and provide a report back to the company of the confirmed customers. Should a subscriber be involved in a Proposition 65 claim, WWPA can provide documentation that the distributor or retailer received the warning materials and acknowledged their receipt of the warning when applicable

For more information about this service, please contact 

Kevin Cheung or info@wwpa.org


Companies using the WWPA Prop 65 Notification Service

As of Sept 1, 2017

C&D Lumber Company
Columbia Vista Corporation
Forest City Trading Group, Inc.
Georgia-Pacific, LLC
Hampton Affiliates
Idaho Forest Group, LLC
Malheur Lumber Company
Pacific Wood Laminates, Inc.
Potlatch Corporation
Rosboro, LLC
RSG Forest Products, Inc.
SDS Lumber Company
Seneca Sawmill
Sierra Pacific Industries
South Coast Lumber Company
L.J. Smith Stair Systems, Inc.
Stimson Lumber Company
Swanson Group
Timber Products Company
Unity Forest Products
West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.